Cherishing Those Here and Gone

Earlier this year I lost someone that showed me what a true father was to be to his children. A man that gave me hope in ways that he and his family could have never understood and just earlier this week I thought about him. Tonight, I lost someone very dear to me to the cancer plague. I’m tired of blowing my nose and fed up of wiping tears and I wish I could clear all the memories that we shared out of my head. I just want it all to “unhappen”, I want her back….sigh. It’s been a long and heart wrenching fight for her and I suppose I am happy that she doesn’t have to suffer anymore. It hurt me to see her in the state she was in and that it seemed like I couldn’t do anything for her.

She was the bubbliest, sweetest and most caring woman I have ever known and I say that with every ounce of honesty within me. I remember trying to convince her to eat meat because she was a vegan due to her illness but it was all fun and games. When she took something out of the fridge she’d let the “cold drop off of it” before she ate it which was funny to my mother and I since we didn’t use those terms. She’d always say “oh Lordy Jesus” when she heard the music young people would listen to these days and referred to it as “rubbish.” Well….I don’t know if any of those things gave it away but she was from London and my oh my she was a hand full lol even though she was a darling of a lady.

But guys….I didn’t just write this blog to vent about my Aunty B. Nah, I would not do that but what I want to say is, cherish those around you, treat them well. Everyone deserves a smile and even if they don’t smile back, your smile made a difference in their day. Life is so odd; you have experiences with a person, see them, touch them, smile or frown at them and then they are gone. My aunt was someone that meant a whoooole lot to me but will only be a story to my children.

Now you may notice I call her “Aunt, Aunty or Aunty B” and that would be out of respect, she wasn’t my mother’s sister but she was a sister to my mother. She wasn’t my real aunt but in all honesty, she has been here for me in more ways than my other relatives have been and although that is out of their hands, the point is….she was ALWAYS there. In life, we all have people that are always there and it may be in either a positive or negative light but they’re still there….learn to appreciate them.

I suppose you’ve probably heard this before but really, just be grateful that those around you are still around you. I know that God will keep all of us at peace as we come to terms with this and He will help you in whatever way you need Him to but keep your eyes on Him and say thank you. And let’s support those with Breast Cancer or suffering from the after effects of treatment or help raise awareness about it.

Ok so I’ve definitely run out things to write and I have a presentation to do in the morning so She Says says night night! Blessings.


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