Believer You (Poetry)

Romans 1: 20 For since the creation of the world his invisible attributes – his eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, because they are understood through what has been made. So people are without excuse.

Created to worship
Hearts grip

Beliefs reign
As man’s knowledge gained

Innately devotee
No matter the eyes through which you see

It/He/She/They have your attention
Access your concentration
But how?

For religion strategizes
Or does it?

Kills you, kills me
Sets us free to bondage
Captures our linage

Created to worship
Not many or it or none



Role Model (Jesus)

Some are quick to judge you 
Mistreat and abuse you 
Quick to slander your name 
Take your life for a game 
They spit in your face 
Call you a disgrace 
Disregard your pain 
Seeking only what they can gain 
Their minds are blocked by 
The judgmental and irrational walls built high 
So they’ll never understand the love between you and I 
They’ve never seen you cry 
When they prostitute your name 
You still love them the same 
And you go on taking the blame
Carrying the shame 
Never mind they misuse you 
Your love is true
You’ve done no wrong
But with a heart so strong 
You take their slander 
Seeming never to be bothered
Teaching me sacrifice 
Telling me my halfhearted love won’t suffice
Showing me people’s beauty 
Looking past their dirty 
Teach me to care genuinely 
You gave of yourself 
Give of yourself 
Always keeping me in mind
Loving me all the time. 
It is your kindness and serenity 
That will forever draw me
You mean the world to me.
Set the pace for what my life should be 
You are more than a role model to me 
Jesus Christ, My God, My King and Almighty

I Am Not My Hair

This is for the ladies.

I’ve had relaxed hair for about 9 years now and I have nothing bad to say about it except that…well….I could have bought a couple more Christmas gifts last year if I didn’t have to spend money to do my hair. My hair dresser….I love her dearly….charges according to the length of your hair and how much growth you have and let’s just say my hair isn’t short lol. So I’ve decided that sooner or later I’m gonna cut this thing. By the time though, I’ve had chance to think a lot about hair and what my hair means to me. I never thought that I was so attached to it until I made up my mind to cut it….then I started to freak out and panic.

So for a while now I have been couching myself, reminding myself that my worth is not in my hair. Well to God that is, there are a lot of young men that would not find me attractive anymore if I cut my hair. That’s not my assumption, they actually told me that I will be less attractive with shorter hair and quite frankly, that is true. The way the world has conformed our minds would make us believe that long and flowy is all there is to beauty. But I am trying not to care about that :)

Anyways so because of my focus being on my hair and so on, I noticed how much my appearance meant to me and how big of a distraction it could be at times. I would waste hours combing my hair and choosing what to wear and occupying myself with meager things when that’s not what is important. My mind ran on a verse the other that gave me a reminder.

1 Peter 3:3-4

3 Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. 4 Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.

You see…..what matters is who you are. Even if you look your best but you are the worst person and your spirit is far from God then trust me, personality will make you hideous. You are not your hair, you aren’t your make up or your dress size. You are your insides lol. What is in you is what matters most. And I have a great big secret for you……when you work on your inner beauty, your personality shines through the make up and dresses and hairstyles that you have. You aren’t beautiful just because you are wearing a sweetheart cut dress or because you’re wearing the styles that are in. You are beautiful when who you are adds radiance to what you wear.

Let’s focus on what’s important first and then dolls up after…k?

Blessings guys!

Golden Hearts

This is gonna be short. My level of sleepiness is adversely affecting my cognizance.

Alright! A lot of us believe we have hearts of pure gold and well… there are some of us that just don’t and are proud. This is for the golden hearts out there. I just want to know…..Is your heart really as pure as you want people to believe?

Speaking from experience here, with myself and other people I’ve observed. There is literally no way anyone can be all good all the time. We just don’t have that ability naturally and no, I’m not saying we’re all bad either. I’m saying that we need to be real with ourselves. I’ve heard countless people describe themselves as “a good person” and I always wonder what on earth that means. I usually assume they mean good as in not doing anything bad, this is in relation to their actions. And actions are fine but that’s not all there is to goodness, right?

As much as what we do is important, I know for certain that what we do….doesn’t necessarily define who we really are. Don’t you know any accountants that want to be a singer? Or Mechanics that want to be a lawyer? Do you always act out what you’re thinking? Let’s just say I don’t like ice cream but a friend of mine brings me some and I accept it…and let’s assume someone else comes and sees me eating it. Me not saying anything and the two people that witness me eating the ice cream may lead them to assume that I probably like ice cream right? But do I? No. So then what I am doing….doesn’t necessarily represent who I am in this case. So here is the connection, it is proven that we don’t always act on or say what we think…so don’t fight it but we can’t make a judgement about someone’s heart based on their actions. We can’t even do it based on our own actions and that’s basically what we do. We categorize ourselves as good because…well….we don’t DO or SAY bad or we just DO or SAY good. My point is, doing and saying is not everything. It is what is in your heart that matters.

Perhaps it would be better to say that we ourselves are gold plated :D and be a bit more realistic about what our insides look like. The only way I know for sure that you can truly have a genuine heart is from knowing THE one with THE MOST genuine heart ever. He is Jesus. I’m not saying everyone who doesn’t know Jesus is bad and that everyone that does is good….at all. I dare you though….If you want to see the different or rather…feel the difference, try Him. ;)

:-/ Bye bye. Totally should be sleeping. Have an exam in the morning :’( Much prayers are needed.

NB: I thought this was going to be shorter….but meh…I ramble lol

Crossed Legs

This is about why I decided not to have sex out of marriage and my experiences before this decision.

I’ve grown up in a Christian home…where, of course, having sex out of marriage is still and will always be taboo. My mother will have none of it. I can’t even talk to a young man for too long without her getting suspicious and well my father is a different story all together, he’s much worse. When I was younger I didn’t understand why they were so annoying when it came to boys and relationships though. In my mind…”What’s the worst that could happen?” is what I’d always ask. As I grew though, I began to understand and looking at the world around me..the girls and women that I know…my heart is saddened.

Despite my parents instruction or rather against their orders, I have had a total of 8 boyfriends throughout my lifespan so far not counting the many “flings” and “somethings” in between. I know that may just be a fraction of how many relationships I know some people have been in but I can certainly tell you now that I have learnt a lot about people and relationships….I do not know everything though but I’ve learnt enough to stop asking that stupid question…”What’s the worst that could happen?”

I always used to say I wasn’t going to have sex out of marriage because I just knew it wasn’t right and then there could be so many complications if I did and I was also just a little girl so in my mind…it wasn’t my place to be engaging in such activity. Those things though, were only decisions I made based on what other people said to me. It wasn’t until the 6th boyfriend or so when I began to see what my parents were talking about. I decided to take a small step and I had my “first kiss” with a boy…and well from there onward things “small stepped” out of control. I learned that these things start small and grow into mistakes and terrible experiences. Now, just in case you’re thinking… I did not get to the point of having sexual intercourse out of marriage but I pretty much tested all the other waters. And you know what I see…all those things add weight to you, unnecessary weight to our lives that we all can do without. No matter how small or great the sexual act, it will add some extra pounds to your troubles. Of course those pounds aren’t added on instantaneously but they come afterwards.

After the “certainty” of love and emotions come and you take the risk…life has this funny way of happening and then things get uncertain. The girl/guy leaves and then you are soiled. My suggestion…Just don’t do it, don’t do anything. I do not think exploring and taking risks sexually is wise at all. And since it’s afterwards we usually feel the brunt of those decisions…it really does make sense to take heed before. I can just hear some people saying “Well it’s the person’s choice” and other things of that sort. My response to that is -_-. Of course it’s the person’s choice but something that I’ve learnt is that not learning from experience is just as much a testimony as learning from experience is. Who says that we have to find out what’s at the end of the road or on the other side of the door all the time?

I have some unfortunate experiences during my time of “exploration” and I am not just going based on my own experiences but people around me as well… my advice is cross those legs. Crossing your legs, in popular culture, is a signature of ”lady-hood” for women and for men it’s very professional and business like, it’s something proper and tells those around her that he/she is a decent, well kept young lady/man. Well….where I’m from. So figuratively and sometimes literally cross your legs. Decide not to take the chance or not to take any more chances. Sharing your body with someone is way more intimate and crucial to who you are than you think.

Join me…I decided not to take anymore chances. Let’s cross our legs.