Sea Remedy

The song of the wind serenaded my soul
Beckoning me to release my worries in a spiral
The symbol of my heart’s pain was felt in the fiery grains beneath my feet
Troubles seemed as numerous as they
The waves know my name by heart
The sun told me bluntly that if I went in, they would love me
It knew I loved them, for the water was my home
Here where tears are unknown
for they run salty like the water in the sea
But no one could tell but me
The wind then again pushes me under with its cold hands
my eyes soon were to glance upon the mountains
To see the clouds that were to bring more of my home to me
The blue green eyes of the waters danced with excitement
Water was to fall at sea
And gracefully and greatly it fell
I looked on in awe as the gifts of heaven and earth met
And as they met they applauded the beauty surrounding them
Overjoyed by this connection
Where even the gifts of the earth attempted to leap towards to sky
They dreamed of living up high within the clouds
And I stood in the excitement, delighted
Troubled thoughts left on the shore
Present thoughts could only adore
As the meeting of heaven and earth ended
And sky merges from grey to blue again
my heart, now full, was painfully empty
for the sea is my therapy

- Gabrielle Mallet



I listen to the pattering of the rain
As it drop drops on my window pane
It reminds me of the hearts that have fallen
into nothingness
Those whose names have been called in
out of sadness
I wonder if anyone else can hear
If anyone else can see
Or is it just me
That has the propensity
To listen to the fallen hearts
As they fall in silence
Who feels relieved when the rain stops
But the last drop
Means that heart is already gone
Pitter patter rain
Drop drop on my window pane

WHY ME photoshop

Life Is Unfair. Who Told You It Was?

This is going to be super short, I am currently attempting to study for what is set to be an extremely difficult and long exam -_-

Today I had a very vivid reminder of how unfair life is. A friend of mine has gone to heaven and he doesn’t deserve to have left us the way he did, but he did. He is gone and there isn’t a thing we can do about it. It’s surreal, gut wrenching, painful but it is reality.
So many times we expect life to deal us a fair set of cards to play with and then get upset when it doesn’t. The moment we were conceived till now, life hasn’t been fair and I don’t believe it has any intentions of changing it’s ways. Things happen and sometimes, it won’t happen the way we expect it to but life goes on. Don’t be discouraged by what you see going on around you, just have a hope and keep your head up. Do not expect life to treat you nicely, and if it is doing that right now, then count your blessings and mark them well because anything can happen within a moment’s notice.

When things are looking down, just look up and smile….even if tears are running down your face. If you feel as though you have been misused and abused, don’t get revenge….look up and smile even if it is unbearable.
Truth is, ‘fairness’ was constructed by us humans and is just as flawed as everything else we make, not everything is going to balance out as fair.

That’s just that.
Bless up my lovies. Much peace and safety to you all.

Smile Like That

Usually, I carry a smile with me everywhere I go. No, I’m not always happy though and neither am I an optimist or anything like that but the thing is, I just understand that smiles help. They help you and they help others. This evening I sat alone in drinking a french vanilla ice in a fast food outlet called Marios. I sat there, minding my own business, I was waiting on someone so I was looking outside and a man who seemed to be a guard off duty in the restaurant was passing by and we made eye contact. So I did what I usually do, smile and greet the person with a good night or good (insert time of day here), it was evening but yes, I said good night because….well…where I live it’s night once it’s dark. :) So I pleasantly responded and proceeded to ask my why I was sitting by myself drinking all the drink on my own. After I responded to him though he told me that he was in urgent need of a call and asked if I could spare him one and so I did. It was my pleasure to help him out because it seemed as though he really was in a predicament from what he desribed to me.

Anyways, no need to get into the entire story but he made his calls and he parted ways. A smile makes you approachable, it brightens up your day and the day of the others that are around you, it kills the people that don’t like you. If I had not smiled with the man and said good night, he would have probably been going home a bit stressed and why should he have to? Now, it may not be important for you to smile at people and help keep but the essence of what I want to say is that a smile can ease you and it can be the start of something that can bring you joy. Smiles are harmless, so genuinely wear one.

:) Good night. (Yes it’s night now, 10:46 pm)